The BUZZ is the official blog of the BEEZ (Base for Enthusiasts of Environmental Science and Zoology) of University of Colombo.
BEEZ is a student collective initiative of the Faculty of Science that focuses on the environment.
It provides a platform for the Science students to share scientific information and gain skills in sharing and caring while improving their empathy and responsibility towards the world in
preserving the environment.
Through BUZZ, we expect to share our passion, ideas and the work we do, creating a platform
for our members to pen down their thoughts and improve their writing skills.


“BUZZ, Official blog of BEEZ”

Bees: Nature’s Magicians

“Save the bees; they help to keep the world sweet.” Who are Bees? Bees are flying insects that collect nectar and pollen. They belong to the class Insecta, order Hymenoptera, and Superfamily Apoidea including the Read more…

Journey Of Migratory Birds

Who are migratory birds? Avian migration is a natural process, whereby different birds fly over distances of hundreds and thousands of kilometers in order to find the best ecological conditions and habitats for feeding, breeding, Read more…