Base for Enthusiasts of Environmental Sciences and Zoology (BEEZ) is an influential society of Faculty of Science, University of Colombo that inspires budding scientists to act and voice out their opinion on various scientific and environmental issues. We are a young student organization that started our journey in 2015. As a society we aim to,

  1. Enhance the interests of students in Environment Science and Zoology
  2. Provide training for the future biologists
  3. Provide opportunities for greater interaction between students, professional biologists and local communities
  4. Provide exposure in field studies to enthusiasts of Environment Science and Zoology
  5. Enhance leadership and team work skills 

Every student of the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo is given the privilege of joining the BEEZ irrespective of their field of academic studies and with each passing year, the wings of the BEEZ family have widened with time. 

Despite still being young, the society has conducted various events that give invaluable exposure for its members and other undergraduates of the faculty, on various matters related to Environmental Sciences and Zoology. The society organizes a talk every month to discuss a critical and a timely important Environmental Sciences and Zoology related issue, where professional zoologists, environmentalists, biologists and other experts express their views and opinions. Thus, members are given the exposure to real time professional insight on scientific matters.

Now, BEEZ marks a golden milestone in its history by launching its own official blog, The BUZZ. With the aim of “Giving a voice to the green”, BUZZ expects to create a platform for all the bloggers to pen down their thoughts and voice out their opinion on scientific matters while sharing scientific information among many of its users. 

We at BEEZ cordially invite all the bloggers and all who would like to take the first step in their journey of blogging, to join hands with The BUZZ and to delve into novel scientific findings. Let us give a voice to the green!

Please send your blog articles to 

Lihini Premathilaka
Junior Editor 2019/20

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