5 Awesome Ways to Spend Time on Internet


Internet is a mysterious and a very deep space where people can do plenty of things. Some people use it for their entertainment purposes while some makes a living on the internet. And also there exist a deep part of the World Wide Web where real bad things take place. So in conclusion internet is just like a real society with various types of people, beliefs and thoughts. In this article I am going to list down 5 awesome things you can do on internet.


Blogging is a great thing to do on internet. You can share anything you want through a blog. The blog you write for can be your own one or someone else’s. While sharing anything you want you can also earn a good living. Monetizing your blog will help you to earn money while blogging. When you have a good number of readers you will be really happy to see their responses to your works.

Online Business

If you are planning to hit the world of business online business is a good place to start and to grow. There are many advantages of having an online business. Online businesses are open for customers all around the world. Therefore your customer base is very large. Marketing is easy and can do with a small budget on hand.


Instead of working for some local company where you have to wake up in the morning and travel to your working place, wouldn’t it be better if you can work from home while chatting with your family. Freelancing is all about working independently from anywhere you live. Regardless of your location you can work even while you are travelling around the world. If you have got the skill set you need, all you need is to apply for the job you like and work. Nice thing about freelancing is that, you can do as many jobs as you can if you can manage your time and resources.

Online Shopping

For ladies out there this have to be the most satisfying thing they see on this listing. Online shopping has almost replaced ordinary shopping. Electronic goods, apparel and many other items are on sale in those online shops. The best thing about online shopping is that you can compare the prices and the qualities of different shops and then choose the best fit for you while sitting comfortably in your couch.

Follow courses

Following courses online is a great way to spend your time on internet. There are thousands of online courses. You can follow free courses or paid course as you wish. From academic courses to cooking lessons, everything is there for you to learn. All you have to do is enroll for few courses and enjoy the time while doing what you like.


These are the top 5 things that comes in to my mind when I think of internet. Let me know your ideas too.