A chance


Will come

Will go

Sometimes, will never come again

“A Chance” !!!

Have you ever taken chances in your life? Succeeded? Failed? “Oh God I missed it” Still repenting on those missed chances?

Do you agree if I say life itself is a chance?

The God given chance; the nature given chance!

Even though you are not that ready you have already got the string of the kite of life. It is you who choose the direction; all the moves, ups and downs and finally the height where you are going to be at the end. Now it’s your turn to perform. Audience is waiting for you. The stage is set for you.

For you to dance to your own melody!

Every single moment you spent so far was a result of a decision you had taken.  Life goes on and on. Each day a new experience. A new ray of light embraces you along with lots and lots of chances. It is you who decide whether you are taking it or not. You are the one and only artist and choreographer of each and every step you perform. As the composer of your melody, you bear the responsibility of each and every note you play. Nobody else can compose your melody, as it is yours; your own unique melody.

So do you still feel backward? Numb? Naive? My dear youth, you are not late. Dream high, start building up your courage, chase your passion, devote your energy to become what you want to become. Try out the chances in front of you. Never let them go. Why? Sometimes those may never come back searching for you.

Once lost can be a loss forever!

Once come

Soon taken

A winner always makes it

“An Opportunity”