A Christmas Like No Other


Gifts pouring underneath the Christmas tree

Early in the morning, what a sight to see

Sharing love and hope, feeling magical and merry

On this holy day, all deserve to be happy


Christmas cakes, a smell impossible to resist

Listen to the bells chime, through the morning mist

With charming carols playing, making our hearts a bliss

Spreading joy and happiness, for all who we missed


Let’s not worry for what comes tomorrow

No hatred, no sadness, no pain, no sorrow

Voices of angels so sweet and mellow

Will heal our souls, for a world not shallow


Feel the love, feel the Christmas spirit

Today is the day, so stop running for a minute

Look into the light, and praise one another

We all be blessed, in this Christmas like no other


Featured Image Courtesy: https://bit.ly/3rp4Fxj

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