A Flash of Blue: Everything Can Change In A Heartbeat.


Maria Farrer’s “A Flash of Blue” was initially released in 2015. It’s a stand-alone contemporary fiction story about a teenage girl dealing with the death of her brother.

Amber Neville made a terrible decision. She grabbed Liam’s lucky stone since she was furious with him. She kept it secure, intending to return it to him later, but she never got the chance. Undiscovered to anyone, Liam had an untreated heart disease and later that day passed away from a severe heart attack. Amber was devastated by this. She is positive that her brother would have lived if only he had left the house with his charm. She continues to blame his death solely on herself.

Amber’s family had a complete breakdown over the ensuing year. Her mother began to drink, and her father began to train her in running, just as he did with her brother; he pushes her a lot and is ashamed of her, and he began a very overt affair, spending more and more time away, leaving everything to cope with her mother. Amber now feels helpless and incapable of making any progress. She is not even close to being as intelligent or athletic as Liam, and everything she does seems to humiliate her family. Her grandma persuades her to attend a friend’s party on the anniversary of Liam’s death. She meets Tyler in this place.

Tyler was Liam’s best buddy and misses him just as much as she does. Amber and Tyler bond over their shared memories of him, and Amber begins to see more and more of him. However, instead of acknowledging the reality, her father continues to blame Tyler, telling her that he just let Liam die, and warning her that he is a terrible guy. When she starts hanging out with Tyler’s mates, she notices that they are all really tough. She quickly gets into serious difficulty, but how can she get her life back on track while everything around her is going to collapse?

Amber is caught up in serious trouble that a girl like her would often never experience. She won’t be able to reconstruct her life until everything has collapsed around her. Everyone’s attitude changes in an instant after her presentation to the sports club. Finally, she is able to muster the courage and strength necessary to make amends for her errors, and Tyler, who first got her into difficulties, has decided to support her. Later, she discovers certain facts about Tyler and realizes how much Liam meant to Tyler.

This book mostly focuses on a family dealing with the tragic death of a teen. None of the family members can deal with Liam’s passing healthily. Amber continues to blame herself for taking the stone. Her father has an affair, her mother has an alcohol problem, and even her grandmother just seems to try to put on a happy face. Everyone holds Amber responsible for everything. From her employer at work, who accuses Amber of being responsible for another employee’s resignation because he can’t work with Amber because of his heartbreak for her, to her father, who erupts anytime Amber loses a race. Everyone in this story, including her family, friends, and social services, seems to be out to get her at all times, especially regarding circumstances that are out of her control.

Tyler’s awful pals make the middle section of the book almost difficult to read. Even though Declan is horrible on many levels, Tyler is ultimately the worst. His intentions in the story are genuinely wicked. He let Declan get away with it even though he knew exactly who he was.

However, “A Flash of Blue” did have a clear and significant message about organ donation. This is an important consideration for teenagers. Nobody likes thinking about passing away, especially when they are young, but terrible things can happen at any time. Many people may never have considered that they can save lives by filling out a simple form, but this book makes clear why they should and the impact it can have on the life of a critically ill individual.

Amber’s character in this book should be greatly admired. Even though she made some bad choices during the story, she felt completely believable. Amber, luckily, felt completely realized and it was simple to feel terrible for her as she swiftly found herself in over her head. The other characters, on the other hand, lacked substance. It’s wonderful how she was able to learn from her terrible experiences and find a way to support her family by helping others. Her character was fulfilling. It was genuinely surprising how the plot developed and how much it turned out to be.


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