Fresher’s attitude about the UOC….


It was a great privilege for me to being a part of this oldest University in Sri Lanka, the University of Colombo which is a sprawling complex located in the heart of the capital city of Colombo. The University of Colombo strives to maintain academic excellence in all areas of study.

The University of Colombo, which is one of the best South Asian Universities has 7 Faculties with 43 Academic Departments, a Campus, a School, 6 Institutes and several Centers and Units. Many undergraduate and postgraduate study courses in the fields of Arts, Science, Medicine, Management, Finance, Law, education, IT, Aesthetic Studies. Molecular Biology etc. are conducted by the University. The University also offers several other services, such as library services, career guidance, and services for differently-abled students.

The faculty of science develops honest, adaptable productive citizens; with multidisciplinary knowledge, creative thinking and analytical skills with a high degree of civic conscientiousness as its mission suggests.
There are 7 departments to accomplish this mission, in the faculty of science; chemistry, mathematics, nuclear science, physics, plant sciences, statistics, zoology.

All these departments work together in order to prove the motto of the university; “Buddhi Sarvathra Bhrajate”, Sanskrit for “Wisdom Enlightens”.

It is a faculty tradition that the immediate seniors of a particular new batch take the initiative in directing the fresh blood of the faculty along the correct path, thus preserving the standard of the faculty throughout the generation.

In our case also our immediate seniors took the initiation step of our first university experience, giving us all the guidance and advices required. They also wanted us to know each other and talk to the seniors giving us help and support especially in recognition tightening the interaction among ourselves. They are sometimes like our parents when giving advices and sometimes like a brother or a friend. I do really appreciate their guidance for these 2-3 weeks of my university life, sacrificing their precious time on us, as all the things that I’ve got to know, through them only, when it comes to selecting our course subjects, clubs, sports and all those things.
So, Hats Off for our seniors, lecturers, and all university staff, and proud to be a part of this great body of the university of Colombo!!