A Heavy Heart


There is a darkness consuming my whole,

A heavy weight upon my soul,

Which keeps me still,

And questions my will.


It steals my joy, it steals my peace,

With endless thoughts that never cease,

Fills my heart with full of doubt,

And makes my world inside-out.


In this never-ending rough storm,

I sail these chaos alone.

Turn a blind-eye and tone-deaf,

And fight to bring back my calm self.


I will fight with all my might,

Will follow the shinning light,

Break this chain of pains!

And bring back my joy again!


I believe in this light called hope,

Where the world dances in a peaceful scope.

For I know the struggle will be long.

So, I will come back more strong!


Featured image courtesy: https://bit.ly/3BoQpen

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