A Letter To My Best Friend


Dear Best Friend,

You know I’m a bit different kinda person. In a way, so are you. We have many things in common, yet we’re so different. Just like Ice and Water. Don’t ask me who is which!

I’m a consul and you’re a mediator. I’ve been known to be an extrovert, but I think I’m more of an ambivert. Someone who would pick the best out of any situation. The pomp in a party, the calm of a silent room, and a fine balance of the both. You’re more of an introvert, who is comfortable around the close small circle of people you have. Yet, God knows, how funny and talkative you can be.

Times we spent hours into the night, talking about things. Nothing short of deep; movies, sci-fi, positive thinking and inspirational talk, books, songs and music, cricket and tennis, tv-series, gossips, problems, workout and diet, GO and corona, relativity and immunity, food, fashion, dreams, the list goes on and on. Anything and everything.

Any kinda relationship is bound to have conflicts. I do remember times we argued. How some words we spoke and things we did without thinking ended up hurting us. Still, we came back. Every single time. Yet, you being the chronic overthinker, there were more than a few times you said, ‘let’s be distant’ and pushed me away. I overthink too, but we overthink completely different things. It hurt when you said those words, yet I know we value our friendship more than that. So I had faith. Still, it didn’t make me worry any less. In fact, I’ve spent a good dose of time worrying about you, you shall pay to color my hair black, once it turns grey!

I don’t believe that time we spent building up a friendship, decide its strength. So when I think it’s less than two years since we got to know each other really well, although I’ve known you for almost four years, I have no doubt that it doesn’t make our friendship less strong.

As a person, different people see different aspects of me. The friendly, the bossy, the quiet, the talkative, the angry, the calm, the strong, and the sensitive sides. One or more, but not all at once. Yet, it was only you who saw the real me. Whole package. My most vulnerable, raw self. All the flaws. There were many insecurities which you made disappear. God, the times you’ve scolded me, got sad, and angry with me while doing so!

We all like to hear compliments. Somehow, I really felt it when you, complimented me. When you said, “I’m proud of you”, I knew I did well. So far, the best compliment you gave me was to say that I’m not a mediocre person and this quote if you remember.

Friendship is serious. Maybe even more than love.

Solene – A Summer’s Tale (1996)

So, why am I writing this? I don’t have a clear answer for that. Let me tell you this way. One, you once asked me, would I ever write anything about you? I didn’t give you a straight answer. To be honest, the thought did cross my mind a few times. Still, I wasn’t sure how to put things into words and make them perfect. This time I gave it a shot and hope that would be alright.

Second, you know how many trust issues I have. It takes a lot for me to trust anyone. And you, my friend, are the one I trust most, after my family. You never once betrayed it. That’s why I’ve never hidden anything from you intentionally, save one. That, I promise to tell you as well, someday. Don’t worry though, I didn’t break the only condition you have!

Last but not least, it’s a sorta special month. I think you might not know it. Knowing the short-term memory loss you have, I’m not surprised! LOL! I just want you to know that we may or may not depart someday. Still, you’ll always be my best friend. You used to scold me saying I use words carelessly. But, I want you to know that I meant every word I said here.  So, when I tell, you’re more like a soulmate, I mean it.

I’m glad I got to know you, we became close, and ended up being good friends. Thank you for everything you did for me. For trusting me. Despite what the future holds, promise me to fly, even if I’m there or not to cheer you up. I promise you, I will.

Your loving friend.

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