A lifeless soul speaks


Adorned by the pale streaks of light

Red, orange, purple illuminated the vicinity

Flocked up streets,

Gleeful faces passed by,

Nonstop chatters,

Click-clack of high heels,

Replenished my soul


Time flowed by,

Sitting still in the twilight,

Heart to heart conversations,

Heated conversations,

Family conversations,

Filled my ears,

Making me a part of them


Darkness crept in,

Street lights illuminated the path

Everyone hurried by,

Distant traffic uproar,

Filled my head,

As I watched


Nearly midnight,

Everything was still,

Occasionally disturbed

By the whispering cold breeze

Stealing my warmth away

Giving me the tearless-cry

In the scary night


A distant ding dong

And it is finally midnight

None around

A perfect end for the day


This makes me feel lonely

Makes me pray for life

Reinforcing the Known fact



I wait for company

As the streetlights fade

Into the colors’ of dawn.

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