A Tribute to Leoism



What if you can seek and achieve the above three from one place? Yes, it’s amazing. It is one of the best things that happened to me about two years ago. Since the day I witnessed the beauty of being a Leo, it became a lifetime experience seizing the moments of love, friendship, and happiness. The outstanding journey through youth and Leoism always came with a bunch of novel memories to take back every moment.

I believe, to have a strong and balanced personality, one should attend community service as well. It is in vain of just being a recipient of what you get and repent on what you don’t. Serving the community is one of the best ways to grow and develop ourselves. Hence, Leoism provides a platform to find and build up yourself.

Once as a member and then as a leader of the Leo club of the University of Colombo, Faculty of Science, I found a better me. Throughout this voyage of Leoism, we encountered a lot of challenges that seemed impossible to handle. Sometimes we had to get out of our comfort zones. But, we as one family, were able to fight against them wisely. We succeeded over such hard circumstances in most of the time with flying colors. We failed too, but we never gave up. The failures taught us to be vigilant and rise. We learned from them and these life lessons will indeed guide us to achieve the best, one day.


Not the authority but the influence is the essence of good leadership and I am grateful that I am influenced by Leoism. As a Leo, I don’t want anyone to make me happy. This is simply because I am happy about myself for being a human who knows and serves humanity. Leoism always guides us to have faith in our thoughts, to be wise in making decisions, and to be polite and humble in words and actions. This is what’s missing in many and Leoism offers an opportunity to develop them.

If you are a Leo, be proud of yourself as you are meant to be a good leader and of course a great human who can serve the society and the nation. With the support of all my fellow Leo leaders and members of the Leo club of the University of Colombo, Faculty of Science, I witnessed the magic of Leoism. I would like to remind all of them with sincere appreciation.

No matter what problem a Leo face, he/she will endeavor to find the best solution for it. Hence it is crystal clear that Leoism shapes one’s life in a way he/she can give out the best within him/her. I encourage you to become a member of this family and then you will also be able to pay tribute to Leoism as I do today and there is no doubt that Leoism will become a part of your life and you will start to love and live with it.

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