A Weep of Mother Earth!


A long dark night, not typical.

Yet charmed with the moon celestial.

You who asleep, unaware of the presence of mine.

Seeing your gloomy face, taking me back in time.


That time you first stepped on me,

I felt the warmth of your tiny bare feet.

Thenceforth, I tied- into your pure soul.

Never detached you for a minute that rolled.


You grew up awing me to a mile.

Cherishing me, with a content smile.

You danced in chiseled raindrops, I cascaded.

You sang to my music, over the green prairie that provided.


I used to listen to your heartbeat,

An incarnate of emotions, that never cheat.

Now you are all grown, but…

Something has changed, other than your heartbeat!


O’ my dearest! Where’s the harmony?

Where’s the bond I adored, that we shared?

You who rushed never knew, it’s long gone.

Yet I’m here at the same place, dazed.


I still credence your love.

Nonetheless, you omitted me over your behove.

You still are the dearest of mine! Thus,

Before havoc fall, calling for the sync of us.


Me; holding the fragile soul of mine,

is here to tell you, escort you,

Open your eyes, my dear!

Open them and see me!

See the wounds.

Feel me!

Feel the dreadful pain.

Hear me!

Hear the weep, the weep; craving for your love!


Written by: Shehara Nethmini

Image Courtesy: https://bit.ly/3EPvf8Q


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