To spend one night

Invite the prostitute

When Nyx hypnotize

The victim for Romance…


But the wise

Naoi of Hemera

Forever craves her

In the name of virginity…



Once, she the Hallucination

Cease to exist

Haunts, the faithful enemy…


Blood of Hemera staineth

For it belongs to Nyx.

Adorable fake

Absolute deception…


We all are humans. Humans with weaknesses,  humans are made imperfect. But, we forget that mere fact, and here we are fighting for our dignity as covered hiding all our weaknesses and disabilities. We seek perfectness. We induce absoluteness to ourselves with a false mask designed elaborately according to the hitting customs, traditions and so cold attitudes.

This poem is all about fakeness and the unnatural perfectness of human behaviors.

There are two kinds of individuals in this creation among the people who try embracing absoluteness in their lives. With comprehensive words, I would say they are the people who fight for the perfectness of a worldly life who are being fooled unintentionally by this unexciting prostitute named “Absoluteness”, and the people like extremists in religious teachings who pretend to be perfect in there spiritual life.

“Romance” is the Framework for this poem which symbolizes the influence of society on the mere concept of absoluteness. Nyx is considered to be the Goddess of Night and Hemera the Goddess of Day in Greek mythology. In this poem, Goddess Nyx represents the “falsehood” which is the dark side while Goddess Hemera represents the “truth” which is the bright side.

The personalities that belong to the first category are the people being hypnotized by the unnecessary influence of society. They overlook their true desires and what they truly passionate about and tail the general oath of perfection. They themselves invite the prostitute to deceive themselves for obviously a short period of time.

The other army who is considered to be the temples of Goddess Hemera pretends to be devoted and immaculate for the sake of giving themselves airs although they crave worldly perfectness inside them undoubtedly. They use absoluteness just as an embellishment for their silhouette.

Nevertheless, all these people are in a battle of reaching absoluteness or perfection with true aspiration or fake deception in the long run.

We exhaust our souls on being perfect under the so cold Argus-eyed society. But once we fail, the dear ones who seemed to be so much faithful, turn their backs on us and bring out the real enemy inside them.

In my opinion, there is a struggle among people for absoluteness as they have created solid boundaries between good and bad, truth and dare, abilities and disabilities, and so on and so forth. People separate themselves for the sake of these stupid boundaries. But I’d say, that is the Achilles heel that destroys them. They create mere concepts on what is worthy and what is unworthy. But they forget that success in one thing can make someone fail in every other consequence and vise versa.

People extremely believe that there are two completely different instances as the dark side and the bright side. But what people forget is that Hemera has the same blood of Nyx running through her veins for she is an offspring of Nyx. Hence the world is absolutely deceived by the adorable fakeness of unnecessary influence.

Ultimately use this review to stop for a while and look into your inner self. Count the number of times you have separated people with their disabilities, in your journey of perfection. Would you like to make a turn in yourself and try not to separate people with their disabilities, but embracing their souls with their abilities?

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