Another Year With New Rain


“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.”

                                                         – William E. Vaughan –

Are you still dancing with a glass of wine in your hand? or are you staring at the clock which is about to strike 12 with a planner full of new year goals and resolutions? Or you may be having an oil lamp at your hand to give priority to our culture and of course, Gen Z must be ready with a text message to spam your loved ones. Either way, you are ready to tear off the last page of the calendar and ready to replace it with a brand-new one.

Recalling 2022, for Sri Lankans, it has been a hard year. The political crisis, constant changes of leaders, economic crisis, protests, and natural disasters. It has been a hell of a year where everyone struggled to live even with at least one meal per day. To top that Covid 19 became even stronger. The rain made a grand entrance in December as if saying that 2022 will not end on a peaceful note. Yet we all are setting foot to the new year with the hope of a better country to live in, and with the hope of achieving what we truly wish for.

Just look at the phone that got bombarded with text messages wishing you a happy new year. To make the year, truly a happy one, do we realize the efforts and sacrifices we need to pour in? Learning from the mistakes we did in the past year, planning our life ahead of the future by managing our time and becoming more aware of our surroundings, and being more kind towards others will make this new year more blissful. Also in this era, in this country, we need to be more mindful of each other, especially those who live in utmost difficulties. Rather than stockpiling everything, it would be nice to share and fulfill the need of the people who are less fortunate than you. It would truly make 2023 a meaningful year.

We as Sri Lankans have always been a strong nation. Given all the circumstances we’ve always found a way to survive. So may this rain be rain that washes off the hardships and sorrow and hunger of the ones who suffer. Even though the rain is disastrous I truly wish for that rain to be a rain of flowers that will make the lives of people beautiful.

Wishing you a blessed 2023 where you can beautifully and colorfully color all 365 days of the year with all your goals and resolutions.


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