Appreciating the Value of our Prestigious University


Sri Lanka is one of the few countries in the world that has a system that provides free higher education to its youth. As first year undergraduates, we feel blessed to be a part of this prestigious institution.

While there are thousands of girls and boys around the island who are repeating exams just to get a place in the university that we are currently attending, there are also many who have tried repeatedly but were unable to secure a place. The fact that out of thousands of students, we have been selected to the best university in the country is indeed a blessing.

Even though it’s not wrong to say that our hard work has paid off in getting us a place here, we must not forget that we have to be grateful to the government that has given us the privilege of earning a degree free of any tuition or academic costs.

Although, sometimes, it is natural for us to forget the value of something that is being given to us free of charge, we should always be mindful and appreciate what we are receiving from our university. Our duty as students should be to take the maximum of what is being provided to us and to use the skills and knowledge we acquire to become dutiful citizens and to give back to our motherland and contribute toward its development.


Featured Image Courtesy: FOSMedia

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