In Search of a Sloth Bear –The Epilogue

Ansala, Gayan, Didula, Indeera, and I had just got out of camping at Yala. Ansala’s goal was to snap a good leopard. My only hope was to see a sloth bear. We only saw one leopard cub for our entire trip. No, we did not see any sloth bears. Were we ... Read more
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In Search of a Sloth Bear – Last Chance to Spot a Bear

“මේ... හෙට උදේ පාන්දර පිටත් වෙන්න ඔනි කැලේට. 4ට නැගිටිමු කට්ටියම!” I can’t remember who said that. But waking up at 4 in the morning was nothing for ... Read more
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In Search of a Sloth Bear – The Mud Bath

Did you know that there was 4G internet in the dead of the wilderness? Did you also know that you just had to roll over once to go from 4G internet to having no internet connection at all? That’s what we found out when we arrived at our campsite. Well… ... Read more
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