The Battle of Freshers’ Begins

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The annual freshers’ meet 2018 of the University of Colombo started with the swimming tournament which was held on 2nd of March (Friday) at the NCC pool. Altogether, 31 events of both men and women were held with the participation of many faculties of the University of Colombo.

The following are the events that were held at the swimming tournament.

  • 25m, 50m, 100m Freestyle (Men & Women)
  • 25m, 50m, 100m Backstroke (Men & Women)
  • 25m, 50m, 100m Butterfly (Men & Women)
  • 25m, 50m, 100m Breaststroke (Men & Women)
  • 200m Freestyle (Men)
  • 100m Medley Relay (Men & Women)
  • 25m*4 Medley Relay (Men & Women)
  • 25m*4 Freestyle Relay (Men & Women)

From the beginning onwards a huge competition was seen between the faculty of Science, faculty of management and finance and UCSC. A quite friendly atmosphere was seen throughout the competition. There were loud cheers for those who were struggling to finish their long events and it showed the deep bond between the students of the university.

However, after a huge contest of hours, the final results were announced. The Faculty of Science got 3rd place scoring 101 points and UCSC got the 2nd place scoring 102 points . The first place was achieved by the Faculty of Management with 125 points.

It was the end of a single tournament, yet the beginning of a huge battle. The trophy would be owned by one faculty in near future. Chasing this dream depends upon the competence of beating young hearts of freshers.

So,  awaiting for an extraordinary battle, best of luck for the upcoming events and congratulations for the winners of the swimming tournament on behalf of the FOS Media!

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