What is the difference between loving someone and having a crush on them? Is it because of the element of secrecy? Is love the point where feelings start to clearly show? Here’s a different perspective, a somewhat follow-up to Dahami Kawya’s poem “Secret Crush” (published on the 15th of July, 2020), “Because…”


It doesn’t matter –

What kind of hair you have,

No matter how rich or poor you dress,

I like which you like


My eyes look for your smile

My ears are for you anytime,

Not for your voice –

But for taking all your sadness into me

No need to grab your hands;

You already touched my heart


I can find you anywhere

I can hear your voice every single second –

And I feel special in every single moment with you

There is no need to stare at you –

Because you are always with me


I am not saying to believe me

I am not asking to keep your word

Don’t appear in my dreams!

As you are my reality, not a dream,

I just want your happiness –

Whether you are mine or not.

She has a “Secret Crush” on you,

But I have not –

Cause love is love, and not just a crush.


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