A mere illusion of the universe?
Maybe a deceitful trap of the Almighty.
Or the dimensionless yet vital tracker of life?

For centuries, the greatest of minds left bewildered.

As confusing as it seems,
a night under a clear star-studded sky,
a walk beneath an endless canopy,
a long drive with good music;

the simplest of circumstances may hide a clue.

Easy is the alternative.
Our common intuition: time does flow,
the present is super special as the only real moment,
and the deep nature of reality is one of becoming.

amongst all of the answered and unanswered, is destiny.
The “meant to be”.
not in the books, not in the stars,
but within us.

The mastermind beneath whom all of the time, space, plans, power, vanity, and simply “everything” kneels.

And it’s very much real.
you don’t have to be a believer,
until what shows you that the best things in life happen unexpectedly and that the
best stories begin with “all of a sudden”,
will be
time itself.

Stop searching. Stop yearning. Stop expecting.
Just believe.
Some beautiful paths can indeed be discovered without getting lost.

Believe in yourself, in dreams coming true, in miracles, in forever.
We’re all made of stars
The universe holds blessings, but in unforeseen disguises.

And thus, the rest comes easy. All it takes,
is just
a little


Anecdote by Tharini Cabraal

Image Credits: Photograph by Tharini Cabraal

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