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She was entirely glued to my childhood, where every single moment was spent within her visible range. I was not supposed to move away from her vicinity. She was my sticker, my shadow and always wanted me to learn well and make me a good citizen.

Me, being the only child, I was her whole world, in a world of love, care and affection. But she never got hesitated to punish me in my mischievous work which made me ended up in tears. Time spent smoothly till the day we got the fourth member to the family. The new arrival bifurcated everything from her and I felt like my whole world is getting shrank. I had to get most of my things done by myself and she was busy with the newcomer. But she always kept on observing me and getting my updates. But every day I thought that she does not involve with my things which made me sad.

She had assigned me a list of work to do, telling that every girl should know those things. I had to wash my cloths, travel alone, sweep the house, arrange the entire home. Kitchen work was also there if I’m staying at home. Everything was asked to do alone, but none of my friends were not doing such a heap of work at home and I have had been many arguments on this subject. But later I understood that these had made me a complete girl whom is independent of anyone. She had given me the courage to survive alone without seeking anyone’s help or lenity.

Day by day, I grew up. I was over-heaped with my school work, class work and extracurricular work. The time I spent with her was getting shorter and shorter. But she was not ready to leave me isolated with my work. She was responsible enough to wait for me to go to the bed and woke up with me in the morning. How much I’m late to sleep, how much early I got wake-up, she kept up with me, making me tea and coffee and relating about her past life.

Since I was dealing with my work alone, she had impressed me to tell every single incident happened from the time of leaving the home to the return, which is still I’m doing. She was a great listener and analyzer where she had solutions for every issue I came across. More I grew older, more I was away from home and more she had time to listen me. She never left me alone and stayed sitting beside me until I’m done with my work. The crack made on my mind with the arrival of the fourth in the family had cured up, and it was just a rubbishy feeling born in me.

I missed her much with the university entrance where I met her only two days per week sometimes didn’t see her face for months. I missed her warmth, tasty food, affection and gentle touch. The habit of reporting her the whole story of the day was continued. No matter how busy she was, every day she listened to me from the beginning to the end of my day, sometimes two-three times per day in my up and downs.

She did not know about the subject matter, but she taught me the life lessons. She saw any weak and missing points in amplified manner. For her, I was a starved one when I missed a single meal of the day. I was a patient when I had a small cough, and I was a poor girl when I had not enough money to spend. She notices very fine changes even in my voice or tone. I had missed her shoulder where I kept my head and cried. Instead, she had given me strength to survive in a world I never knew. Every single moment with her is golden for me.

She is not anyone else, but my MOM; my shadow, my listener and my whole life. The messenger from the god to enlighten the path of a son and a daughter.

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