Blood That Counts For Every Tick


An elegant alliance

Bringing together lovely rivals

Mingled with ups and downs

Childishly yearning warmth


“This is mine, Get lost”

Conversations turn into the best house fights

Yet amidst all chaos and mom’s interrogation

Truth hardly reveals


Breaking each other’s belongings

Eating up each other’s fav food

Waiting silently for the uproar

Some perfectly tight moments


Yet the thread of love

Marked with blood

Keeps them side by side

The further they drift

The stronger they rebound


The shoulder to cry on

A 24/7 Surveillance

Watching your step

Guiding you towards glory

Another face awaiting your bliss


“A cookie without chocolate chips?”

No, that doesn’t sound yummy

But together,

That’s what sisters are like

They define the unique flavor of love


Written By: Thiruni Withana


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