Breathe, Die and Live


Hard to breathe.

It did feel like dying

With not enough air to breathe.

Began as a mild difficulty

To breathe a full breath.

Uncomfortable and annoying.

But it was fine. Tolerable.

Also, it helped a little when calmed down

Then took small breaths, slowly,

Ignoring everything else.

Focused on taking the air.

In. Out. In. Out.


Yet it kept happening.

Became worse with each second.

Sweating, panicking, and suffocating.

Air was sucked out of the lungs

Just like a vacuum cleaner did

But did it return?

Less and less by the minute.

Fingers wrapped around the throat

To ease down the pain

Wishing the burning would go

Far. Away. Further.


Then at one point, mind went blank.

It just did.

Everything became blurred.

Each part of the body burning, with

Intense, incredible pain.

Nothing could be done.

Save staring at nothingness

For what it felt like

An eternity.


Suddenly, when it was

Almost the breaking point

At which giving up

Seemed the only option

So tempting, even the final string

Started slipping and lose its grip,

A cool breeze came in.

Giving space and easing the pain.

Allowed to breathe again

Slow, unsteady. But yes.

Breathe again.



You know the reason.

Hold on to that.


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