Can Charm Changeth the Love?


Mid-Summer Night’s Dream is one of the greatest plays of Shakespeare. It represents the obstacles faced by four Athenian lovers at a wood just outside Athens, because of a magical love potion, a charm. It is said as, “The course of true love never did run smooth”. Is this true? Anyways,

“Are you sure that we are awake? It seems to me that yet we sleep, we dream.” (act 4, scene 1, Mid-Summer Night’s Dream)

Thus here, Hermia is asking from thee,


Love looks nor with eyes, but mind

Oberon, fairy King of dreams unknown!

Hither, Hermia question from thee,

‘’Can charm changeth the love?’’


We cameth this far from Athens

Nay matter, love hath brought us hither

Mystery forest, hath changed all

Fairy king, “Can charm changeth the love? “


I knoweth, Lysander doth love me

Anon me, depress’d , charm hath made him crazy

Still I doubt, yond “Can this beest hath happened?’’

How can love be blind?


Hearing hither me cupid, answer thee

Cause law hast did chase thee to hither

Hermia, giveth thy honest reply

“Isn’t forest better than thither?”


One thing to asketh from thee, cause

“Love doest look not with the eyes, but with mind”

“Beest patient Hermia!”

Thus I Cupid, am painted blind


Finally, heareth me Hermia

Lysander shall cometh anon

For, nay charm can changeth

True loving heart with bright light!

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