Change the game!


Do you believe in yourself? or do you still believe in others?

We are sent here for less than about 80 years and still, we doubt us being ourselves. Don’t we?

This is the time to leave all of them and to stand by yourself to see your own worth. You might come across bitter people, bitter words and annoying souls who never tolerate the way you are. They speak about you, laugh at you and put you down but never want to see the best in you. You might come across funny faces who act better than legends and pull you back in a secret mission, but, pretend to be saints on the earth. Whatever you do will be underestimated in front of the envious eyes because they surely know that they never reach your heights. If somebody is afraid on you being successful, remember that he/she has almost failed and you have almost won over him/her because, more than you, they believe in your potential and scared of the fame that you are destined to earn.

Yes, you need challenges in your life and do feel happy and thankful, if you have more and more, simply because, you will witness the blessing and glamour of winning over them, very soon, in your life. Life is too short and it should not be wasted on the negative vibes that penalize and weaken you. Do not listen to people who tell you it cannot be done, hence, stay focused on you, not others. You need not be perfect to serve your own and others. Serve in a way that makes you feel blessed from your heart and forget about the malicious minds who try to see flaws in every good action you do.

Do prescribe a daily dose of motivation for yourself and start seeing your worth. Do not please any envious hearts because you are born to be successful.

Move on! Change the game! Earn the glory!

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