Why you should choose Physical Sciences


Most of us have just one dream as we start on AL sciences, to be a doctor or an engineer.  Whether it was our life long goal, whether it was what our parents wished we would be or whether it was all what we could see in this professional hierarchy, that was some target all of us had in mind. But eventually that target runs farther than we can reach.

Through this article I would talk of the Physical Sciences degree that offers much more than expected. Those who are currently school level students in the Physical Science stream and Freshers who have started the above degree will find this helpful. Those who are struggling at ALs trying to fulfill a distant dream and losing hope, as well as those who just found their way  to the degree knowing almost nothing about it, it’s time to open your eyes and see what else is out there.

What is Physical Sciences Degree?

“Are we up for more sums and calculations? Algorithms, algebra and proofs?? Geometry… trigonometry are of no hope. Together with more physics and chemistry???”

Yes and a big NO!

Of course it concerns the Sciences that we all learn in AL’s. But this time we go beyond the bounds in terms of subject matter.

The physical sciences degree of the national universities although consists of more or less the same subject areas, offer different choices for their students.
University of Colombo, as I know best, lets the freshers choose 2 out of the subjects of Pure maths, Statistics, Physics and Chemistry, together with the compulsory subjects of Applied Maths and Computer science. That is a total of 6 combinations.
For a period of two years, the students should follow the courses offered under these subjects. Later they may choose a special degree or a four years general degree based on their GPA values. If not, by default he or she will complete the general degree at the end of 3rd year. Anyone up for higher education (M.Sc and Ph. D.) should target for a special degree with four years of university education.

This procedure may not vary much in the other universities.

So what makes a difference is your choice in the subjects and nothing else. The degree remains the same anyway and you will end up with a B.Sc. title against your name. And trust me when say that Physical Sciences is way more interesting and even more exciting to learn than what it seems from the outside. So throw away whatever gloomy thought you have of it. Get ready to step into a whole new dimension and see all that surround us, great and small, through the eyes tuned with knowledge.

Lets see what the future holds for you then. These options are independent of the universities and I have focussed on them, subject vice.

The Career Opportunities

Basically anyone with a sound mathematical knowledge together with computer literacy (which are compulsory subject areas for physical science students in UOC as I mentioned) are most welcome anywhere in the business world and industries. The government also shows keen interest on providing jobs for the graduates with  analytical skills with firm mathematical base. Research interests in the subject can lead the capable and passionate ones up to the state of Mathematicians with sure foreign placements. A wide range of career opportunities ranging from management positions to higher awaits these degree holders.

Students with a strong statistical base are found to be of more advantage. Since statistics are being used almost everywhere in the professional world, there is a demand for statisticians. Industries require analysts, quality controllers etc. who have developed practical and logical skills in the subject. Those competencies are surely and naturally provided by any university in the country. Banks and marketing sector offers promising career paths while the survey centered companies provide thousands of other opportunities as well.

Physics centred degree holders are most welcome in the job market. Technology centred professions dwelt on electronics, computational physics, telecommunications and IT offers challenging and evolving job opportunities for passionate people. Industries of course searches for young and enthusiastic physicians with ideas built on mechanics and engineering knowledge. New inventions introduced to the world by innovative scientists are always supported by the private as well as the government sector because they open up career paths for many to follow.

Just as many other sciences, Chemistry is a discipline which we cannot live without. Chemistry knowledge is used in almost all industries including textile, cosmetics, sanitation, food production as well as construction materials production which is why chemists have guaranteed career paths. Conservation projects and innovations are always wound around chemistry revealing new job opportunities everyday.

Computer science evolves rapidly in the modern world with guaranteed jobs. Today the success of many businesses depend on the programmers, software engineers, application developers, webpage designers and system designers. In this digitizing world, computer wizards will never go penniless as long as the people put themselves in the trusted hands of technology.

Other subjects offered by the universities surely open up many career paths accordingly. You might have gotten an idea so I will not linger on that.

Higher Education

Higher education is something that follows the graduation which is why I thought of mentioning about it as well. The M.Sc. degree and thereafter the Ph.D. completion is a certification of a more than successful career. It can guarantee a university level academic profession. Lecturers are the best example I can provide. Research activities leads the person to the state of scientists who work in international level laboratories and experimentation centers. If even that is dissatisfying, a little bit of daring character and entrepreneurship skills is all what it needs to claim a fortune for yourself and generations to follow.

So Why Exactly Should we choose it?

With so many options and so many career opportunities, the Physical Sciences degree ensures a stable future for everyone. So far, it has produced thousands of scientists, businessmen and professional leaders in the nation as well as overseas. None of these graduates ever find difficulties in trying to apply the knowledge they gained and never will they find it going to waste. This is why the Physical Sciences degree must be given high regards. Anyone with a passion for  science should choose to follow it.

Irrespective of what degree you choose only one thing matters, that you never give up. Having spent a couple of years at the university I know how much the chance of being an undergraduate and later a graduate means. The handful of years at a national university arms one with vast amounts of knowledge. Many competencies are also developed along with that. Team work, leadership, organization and management skills are perfected without any extra effort and free of charge. This is why first and foremost, a degree is of utter importance. If you are choosing on giving that up when you are perfectly capable of following it, you are merely trading the best years of your life for nothing.

So make up your mind. Those who are still contemplating, throw away those second thoughts. Grab the chance of a completely free higher education with a guaranteed future. Those who have set foot to the university, muster up all your confidence and do not waver.

A bright future is ahead!

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