AVR Programming with Atmel MCUs using Arduino – I/O Operations Basics

If you're a good Arduino programmer, you may know how to program an Arduino board with it's libraries. In Arduinos also, there are Atmel MCUs. You're doing is programming those MCUs using libraries that has provided by Arduino ... Read more

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Java from the Scratch – Part I – Say Hello

What is Java? Well everyone know that Java is a general-purpose computer programming language. But what is so special about Java? Well it's object-oriented programming (OOP) language, it's concurrent and also it is designed to let developers to write once, ... Read more

Linux For Beginners – Part II – Working with Terminal

Terminal is the most important component in a Linux operating system. In operating systems such as Ubuntu, you could use graphical ways to do your work also. If you need to install a software there's a software center in Ubuntu. But still ... Read more