Mathematica de Naturae – IV : The Trooper

We’ve seen how monkeys grew thumbs. Blessed with reason and free-will, we’ve watched them forge blades. Soon we saw monkey killing monkey over pieces of the ground. Step by step, the tools used were industrialized and ... Read more

Performance Anxiety

Dry mouth, trembling limbs, sweaty hands, heart racing, stomach in knots, can’t cry for “Help”, not only because the larynx is too squished to breathe, but it’d be so embarrassing. For some, it might be a wild elephant racing behind. For some, it ... Read more

තුලා රාශිය හැඳින ගනිමු.

  'හෙළයේ මහා මංගල්‍යය', හෙවත් අලුත් අවුරුදු උළෙල සිදු වන්නේ මීන රාශියේ සිට මේෂ රාශියට සිදුවන ... Read more
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