Did I Smile With You?


Everyone’s different, how amazing it is.
Some are arrogant, and some are kind
Some are bossy while some are humble,
I don’t judge, but I like it when you are being you

Some come to me and start the chat first
While some always wait for me to smile first
I don’t mind whether I know you or not
Whoever you are I’ll smile with you first?

I treat you the way, how I like to be treated
I smile with you, cause it’s the key I use to open your heart
I talk to you, cause I love to know the person inside you
I accompany you, cause I know the value of being a friend of you

You may be a boy, a girl, a friend, a stranger, does it really matter?
Or you may be silent, talkative, kind, innocent or bossy, why do I bother
I’ll adjust myself, whoever you are, because I value the memory, but not the impression
You will never know what runs in their mind, just be the reason for someone else to smile

Image Credits:https://bit.ly/3gkfsCq

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