Dream, Love, and Companionship


It all started with a dream, strange and compelling,

Alluring and formidable with a strange sweetness.

It set things into motion, things that were never believed

Would be possible within this lifetime.

So the next time we met it felt different.

Eventually, we saw each other separated from others

Like we were seeing for the first time.

So began the journey of a strange companionship.


We were there, for better and for worse.

Knew each other at times of rich and the times of poor,

Shared stories about moments when everything seemed lost

And even the hope appeared a luxury not affordable,

Told each other the darkest moments we spent alone,

Became the strength of each other in turns.

It wasn’t helplessness there in every I’m depressed,

It was the faith that we’ll go through it together.


We were there in sickness and in health.

That caring was there when one was having a headache

And the other was down with the flu.

Maybe not physically close, but those soothing words

Were as strong as any medicine.

Marvels of the human mind surprise me yet at times like those

Of all things holy, things a single word can do.

How all the pain went away just like that?


Us was what we had to love and cherish.

Not spoken out loud in four letters, to be honest

But it was there in every single good night, good morning

And in each hello and bye in between.

That caring was there unlike any other to feel deep

In each go home safe, I made you this, listen to this song,

And every watch this movie and have you read this.

We were to be there till death do us apart.

Love and Companionship

As they say, nothing if so good, will last eternally.

Perfect situations must go wrong.

So came another dream, a nightmare of the worst kind

Filled with bad omens to fill the heart with dread

And things just went wrong somewhere at some point,

Keep adding on to the pile of wrongs one after another.

We talked of course and thus came the assurance

There’s nothing to be scared of.


You know how we hate being suspicious.

But that gut feeling really has always been right to date,

Like waiting for the worst yet to happen

And it was just a matter of time.

Amongst all the chaos came another dream,

Hard to ignore because this whole story was built

On dreams peculiar, beautiful, and consoling

As well as vicious and unfathomable.


It gave a message that came crashing down

On the real pain, so strong it shook the whole foundation.

The dream told, don’t let go, not this time,

Hold on to what’s dear, tight on your end.

Other might not know, but will surely be glad that you did.

No matter how hard it seems, it will be worthy

All the pain and suffering this tender heart have to bear

And when it’s time, the other will choose you.


That faith was so feeble, it needed a home.

So I built one and became the home,

Knew to be patient and wait till the other come around

With open arms to welcome to the home.

Might be so broken and it may look beyond repair

But there’s nothing time and love can not heal.

We will once again mend each other’s broken hearts

And this time it will be forever.

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