Dream to Win – SLUG 2019

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A dream is to contemplate the possibility of doing something. Planning and goal setting brings the dream to life. One can say they get the dream’s heart pumping. Everyone has hopes, dreams, desires, passions and aspirations, but only a very few tend to set and write down goals. For the few that do, we tend to have the utmost admiration, because that is the 10% that are living every day at the desired destination of next level. Some people may be quite comfortable laying low. But you should realize there’s no reason for you to settle, when you can win and get a medal by simply setting your goals on a daily basis. In most cases, when goals are executed, and dreams become reality, then frowns quickly turn to smiling faces.

We worship execution. But what brought about that execution? It’s the planning that took place beforehand. I’ve heard somebody say that people that don’t have goals work for people that do. Without goals and plans your life is just standing still like a statue. So, you tell me, how do you hit a target that you don’t even have? Whether your goals are short or long like the neck of a giraffe, it’s imperative that you give yourself direction like you’re aiding and implementing a plan.

Once that plan is in place, you instantly have clear vision and now you can stand tall with your head up high because now you know what to do and when to do it. Thus, you’re prepared when opportunity knocks, and you are well on your way to win that trophy. They say a dream without goals is just a dream. So, if you refuse to set goals, you might as well go back to sleep and make it a deep sleep, so the dream will seem more real.

The Sri Lankan University Games (SLUG) is a perfect place for you to dream. It is also a perfect place for you to win. Just imagine, standing on that podium, trophy in hand, knowing that there’s a hero’s welcome that awaits you back in Colombo. As you, the brave hearts, take to the field, shoulder to shoulder face to face, know deep inside you that can win! And you will win to bring glory to Colombo. It will be a long road to victory. But in the end, it will be worth every step of the way. Let it be in Ruhuna, Peradeniya, Koggala or Colombo, the turf is ours and we don’t concede.

It’s been over 20 long years since the University of Colombo last won all three championships. It last happened in 1998. This was also the last time University of Ruhuna hosted the games. It’s high time we did it again. Let the games begin!

Image Courtesy: FOSMedia