Drops of a Rainbow


Cheek pressed against the cool and refreshing glass with an expression between sadness and excitement she lay. Gazing longingly at the drops racing down the pane she cheered for her drop in her thoughts. The blurry blobs of red and green made her eyes go wide as she wondered why they appeared so big. She gave up thinking and went back to racing drops of rain.

Drops of rain on car window

Breathing out a warm gust of air she watched as the glass fogged up. She pressed her chubby palm on the new grey area and took it away. Glancing at the imprint of her little palm she breathed over it and covered the glass in a new grey canvas. Her little fingers spelled out her name in a few minutes. Feeling bored with this again, she breathed once more and kept her cheek on the glass again, hoping anew that her drop would win.

She didn’t respond to her name being called out. She felt a gentle touch on her head and let out a little hum that was almost unnoticeable. Shaking her head, or at least, trying her best to shake the head, she replied to the “Isn’t it cold?” her mother asked her. Feeling a few loving strokes on her head, she then felt her mother’s hand drop down to her waist. She watched as the lights came from afar and were lit up like the sun on her precious window.


She felt like crying. Oh, the drops had to come! She was so happy a while back, running around in circles until she tumbled and fell in a dizzy mess. Rolling around in the grass she thought to herself that she’s in the washing machine. Called by a stern voice that told her she’ll get dizzy and vomit, she stopped and sat upon the grass. Smiling a toothy grin at her father she ran away and wandered off to her favorite part: the slide.

Waiting patiently behind the boy in front of her, she smiled when it was her turn. Grabbing the railing with her small hands she put a foot on the bottom step. Agile as a monkey she was on the top of the slide. She stood up as tall as she could and waved at her mother, crying out “I’m here!”

As her mother started to wave back at her, she covered her face with her hands in mock shyness and sat down. Taking a little breath, she then inched her little bottom forward. She screamed! She screamed at the top of her lungs in the purest form of happiness that existed in this world. As she hit the ground again she bounced back on her feet. Her bottom hurt a bit from colliding with the ground but she was strong and brave! So she just picked herself up again and raced to the ladder, hoping with all her heart that she was first.

Her desperate prayers were answered as she saw to her joy that she was indeed, the first to the ladder! Her smile could melt anyone’s heart. The beautiful face adorned with the most precious of pearly white teeth was dazzling. She was a princess and an immensely happy princess at that too!


She felt a little tear tugging at the corner of her eye. Not wanting to cry she sat up on her mother’s lap and bunched up her eyes with her hands. Laying back on her mother’s embrace she soon calmed down and sighed deeply.

As the car pulled up in the driveway, she watched the blurry trees in her garden. She wanted to run in the grass, jumping up at the drops falling. She gave a pleading look to her mother. Reading her mind, she got a stern look in return. Feeling heartbroken she felt like she wanted to cry again. As soon as her mother opened the door, she jumped from her lap and ran inside. That night the little embroidered pillows that cradled her had salty drops of diamonds on them. And the storm raged on outside as if reciprocating to her emotions.


Here she was, the familiar feeling of the cold glass on her cheek again. Sitting on the window ledge with her toes barely reaching the floor she was lost in thought. Miles away. Years away more likely. The clouds above were almost clearing up, the brute of the storm has passed in the night. Watching her sit so pensive and quiet was eating at my thoughts.

Opening the patio doors, I breathe in the damp air. The light bulb that sparked in my head led me to the sink. Quietly as I could, I filled in a container with water. Mixing up a good lathery soap solution, I rummaged around until I found exactly what I needed to complete my plan. As the drops in the sky overheard were thinning, I made myself to where she was. Cupping her face I whisper and ask if she’s ready to come back to earth.


Slowly holding her hand, we make it to the garden and in the dying out rain, dance. A slow jazz plays in our minds, the swishing feel of the brushes scratching on the side drum leading our movements. The gentle tinkle of the ride cymbal forms the twirls we take. A soft dulcet tone of a Rhodes piano giving birth to a passionate and bright tune as the melody goes on in our heads.

Dancing in rain drops

Laughing like crazy we tumble to the ground and lay there in the grass. I turn on my stomach as I see you rolling away in the muddy grass laughing like you were crazy. Helping you up on your feet again I smile as I see a twig stuck in your disheveled mess of hair. Telling you to close your eyes, and keep them closed too, I sneak in the container. You feel something being put in your hand and you hold the stalky stem of it, wondering what it might be.


Opening your eyes, you feel them sparkle up as you hold the slender stem. Looking at me with an expression that melts my heart, I nod as I signal you to take the first breath. And with that, you blow a sphere held together by the molecular laws of surface tension. A picture splashed by the most vivid and beautiful colors of an artist’s palette. The natural balance of water and air encapsulated in a perfectionist’s dream.

A bubble!

I watch as the purple and green light diffracts into the wonder of your eyes. Shifting ever so slightly brings out the multitude of tones of blue hidden in this spectacle. And off it blows away like a tuft of cloud, gently moving in the wind like a transparent butterfly. I look at the most beautiful sight I have ever or will ever see my whole life. The smile on your lips that seeps through into your eyes.

And with that we lay down on the grass again, the last drops of rain fading out like a million bubbles take up their place. A million little rainbows, glinting in the cracks of sunlight shimmering through the clouds.

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