Drops of Life


Blood Donation
Save people, Give Blood

From the first beat to the last
Faithful to you is the heart.
And when a favor is asked
don’t forsake the faith of your heart.

Drops of life, drops that shine.
Blood in veins, of yours and mine.
Needed by someone who’s on the line
that divides the living from the dying.

We are all that we have
Make do with what we can
Brothers and sisters of one band
Help others when you can

A pint is all that it takes
for you to return this faith.
The plunger, the needle, a little pain
will put a smile on someones face.
[A blood donation, organized by the Science Faculty of Colombo, will be held on the 8th of November, 2013. If you are healthy and willing to help another in need, you are most welcome.
Unsure about giving blood?

Read a post on our blog by Charuni Pathmeswaran ->http://fos.cmb.ac.lk/blog/every-drop-counts/]
[Image Courtesy -> http://www.indiacsr.in/en/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Blood_Donation.jpg]