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FOS Media Students’ Blog had been the premier platform that showcased the writing skills of our very own undergraduates of Faculty of Science, at the University of Colombo over the past seven years. It was established in the year 2013 as a result of the immense efforts of a group of passionate individuals who were determined enough to take up a novel challenge. From then onwards FOS Blog continued to grow expanding its horizons. Today, we are armed with a blogger community of several generations comprising both active and alumni members who have equally contributed to generate a fine collection of 1200+ articles to cater to our trilingual readers.

Our blog is vast and diverse. It offers a multitude of opportunities to science undergraduates of the University of Colombo; a platform to experience the basics of science communication as budding scientists, a space to express free thoughts and poetry, a training to polish the skill set required in reporting and so on. In the meantime, FOS Blog provides a wide spectrum of articles to its readers to explore and learn at the same time.

On its seventh anniversary we present the FOS blog with a new outlook, user-friendly theme and added features to enhance your user experience. Offering our readers, a widened scope, our existing categories (Science and Events) will be expanded into 5 different categories as Science and Technology, Events, Art and Literature, Free thoughts and Sports.

During our past 7 years we have witnessed many incidents where blogging has paved the way to unlock the hidden potentials of our teammates who are passionate writers, poets and reporters today. On this anniversary we would like to extend FOS Media Students’ Blog to all our fellow Science faculty community. We are ready to provide space for your creativity in our newly introduced guest category. Await the wonderful opportunity to awaken the blogger within you with FOS media.

The past seven years had been a remarkable journey and we wouldn’t make it through without our readers! We will continue to present to you articles of fine quality, knowledge, and thoughts, to quench your thirst for reading. Stay with FOS Media Students’ Blog

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