Every papa is devoted and determined

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Once a baby is born on the earth, many are deserved to receive the care from the parents. They stay with parents till they grow big enough to live alone. Baby’s mama feeds him, gives warmth and protection.  And his papa goes building a home to live and chase-away the enemies making the environment protective. In the human world, always mamas get the credit of raising babies while papas are branded to be a group who do not willingly engage with child caring. But, some papas care for their sons and daughters in a better way than their moms. It is so amazing that papas in the animal world are much determined and dedicated to raise their young ones.

Papa’s devotion is seen despite of the which group they are belonged to. These papas have the determination and courage to protect their young ones both from the harsh environmental conditions and greedy predators. Papa will say no to all greedy eyes coming after the tiny souls. He keeps his eyes and sniffs on them for days, weeks and months. Even mama have gone with another guy or to find food, papa is determined not to leave them alone till they grow bigger.

Great emperor penguin papa is a much dedicated enough to care his egg, giving the warmth in freezing cold. He remain standing for two months till the mama penguin comes finishing her sabbatical leave.

Once the mama penguin lays her egg, her nutritional reserves get depleted and she returns the ocean to fill her tummy. Penguin papas balance their eggs on his feet and his brooding pouch. Papas huddle together with other papas to warm their eggs. They hopefully wait with their empty stomachs till their loving wives return after the two months journey. Winds in Antarctica are harsh and chilling. But papa penguins wait still to hear the chirping of their snow ball chicks.

The Giant American bull frog is such a papa with a mammoth determination. He keeps his eye on the newly hatched tadpoles. If the pool starts drying, he makes a channel to another water source nearby to ensure the survival of the frog babies. Even the task is much difficult with papa’s stumpy body and short webbed feet, papa has the determination to make the channel. The most startling fact is that several papas together spawn the eggs from the mama and one get the responsibility of looking after everyone’s tadpoles.

Jacana papa is a loyal and forgiving father that retains in the home caring his golden eggs and then after the chirping chicks. The female jacanas leave the nest soon after laying eggs. She goes with other guys and sometimes smashes her own eggs. But this papa is devoted to raise their young ones. He carries his chicks wherever he goes till they grow their wings to fly.

No matter what group the papa belongs to. Papa is devoted and determined to protect his golden genes enclosed inside eggs and raise his miniature versions till they reach the blue sky.

Our papas do much more devotions on behalf of us, for we are his gene carriers. The word PAPA is always linked with everlasting determination, generous devotion, heroic courage and untiring dedication. A papa without these will never become a papa. Briefing it with a single sentence would be “ Papa is amazing”.

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