My Favourite Characters from Game of Thrones


“Winter is coming”. For any Game of Thrones fans, these three words can turn on a magic switch in your brain, making your eyes gleam and your mind travel back to that epic land, where dragons still breathe fire, blood and gore are everyday occurrences and great kings and beautiful queens fight for a single Iron Throne. A land where your favourite character may die in the next scene, while the one you absolutely hate may keep escaping death time after time.

For those of you who have not yet had a taste of the GoT Mania, let me tell you now, you’re missing out on something great. George R. R. Martin has created an imaginary world that can draw anyone in, and the superb characters brought to life in the HBO Series just makes it that much better. Season 5 just premiered, and some man more crazed than I actually hacked into the system and leaked the first 4 episodes! (Evil Laugh)

The story is just too long for me to summarize in one blog post, but I just wanted to write something about my favourite characters. Yes, I am that hooked. SPOILER ALERT- I will not refrain from giving out some plot twists! Be Warned!

#5 – Jaime Lannister



What a character arc this guy has had! He went from killing the previous king whom he had sworn to protect (earning the nickname Kingslayer), to incest and attempted child murder, and then he goes and saves maidens from bear pits and rescues everyone in King’s Landing at the end of season three! His transformation to someone with a conscience earned him a place in my heart, and of course his never give up attitude even after someone chops off his hand is another reason. With good looks and a sharp tongue, he’s a treat to watch. I hope he catches a break soon though.

#4 – Cersei Lannister



Ah, Cersei. How I love to hate you. She is such a powerful woman, but she shows us what can happen when power is also mixed with cruelty and selfishness. Fiercely protective of her name as well as her children (sired by her brother Jaime- whaaaaaaat), she really is the most manipulative woman in the entire show. In a world made by men for men, she has to fight tooth and nail to gain control, but that’s exactly what she does, and she doesn’t give a fig who she has to hurt/maim/kill to get what she wants. Brrrr, love it.

#3 – Eddard Stark



The patriarch of one of the most important families in the plot, the man on all the posters, the one who epitomizes all that is true and good and honorable, and then….. He DIES!!!! Just when he was becoming my favourite character, he’s gone. This epic death is what sets GoT apart from all other TV Series. The hero does not always win in Westeros people. Sniff, we’ll miss you Ned.

#2 – Tyrion Lannister


I just realized that more than half my list is Lannisters, who are the most hated family in the show. Ah well, I like these people! And Tyrion Lannister is the most bad-ass of them all. It’s just loads of wit, sarcasm, likability and pure entertainment packed into a single 4 foot frame. He struggles so much to right the wrong that’s around him, and what does he get for it? No thanks at all. He’s the most fascinating character in the entire series, and I want him to be king. There, I said it.

#1 – Daenerys Targaryen


Guuuuurl Power! The sole surviving heir to an epically powerful and messed up dynasty, she’s got a lot of enemies. Her story is a mind boggling look at equality, morality, war and peace. And I love her hair! Oh, and did I forget to mention that she walked into a burning pyre and walked out again with three dragon babies, making her the Mother of Dragons? Her actions have given us some of the best scenes in the entire series. All bow down to Khaleesi, who shows us exactly why Game of Thrones is such an awesome series.