Forgive the sinner, beware of the saint


Oh! Here comes the sinner – saddened with shame

With guilt, he’s burdened – only himself to blame


He walks alone – covered with grime

Towards his future – in the path of time


A man, the sinner meets – a man named the saint

Alone too he walks, in the path – and decides to acquaint


Walking the opposite way, the saint – from his present, towards his past

In his jewels, he’s dressed up – the jewels that were bestowed by his caste


“Oh! My saint, your honor – Why are you going back to the past?

Filled with disgrace and sin, it is – to your present, in contrast”


“I wish I knew, my friend, the sinner – Tired of pretending, maybe I am

Perhaps it’s in our nature, the humans’ – For that, we are forever damned”


“All I ever wanted was, my saint – to wear these jewels around me

The jewels of glory, honor, and pride – which, in the past, were not meant for me”


“Here take them, sinner – as I need them no longer

Hurry I shall, my friend – I wish that you become stronger”


Thus they part their ways – with changes in their inner

Saint, no longer a saint – and sinner, no longer a sinner


So, beware of the saint, my dear – for he may turn back to his past

Forgive the sinner, always – for he may repent at last


Since, no sinner – is eternally a sinner

No saint – is a saint, as a beginner


-The End-

  • Inspired by “Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future”, a quote extracted from the play “A Woman of No Importance” by Oscar Wilde.

By Pramod Dilshan

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