Different themes, One pack – FOS media annual get togather 2018


Spades and Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs.

So many shapes for a single card pack. But why not the same shape, thought I once. Same shape make it easy to play. When you gather all sort of shapes, mix it and distribute randomly, the hard part begins. Diverse shapes make the game tough but add beauty and value to it. This was the reason why we picked the theme “card pack” for the annual gathering of this diverse FOS media family.

We held our get to-gather on 04th February at our own university premises.  FOS media members of different ages, backgrounds and talents gathered to one place. We were mixed and separated into teams randomly. Team Spades, Team Hearts, Team Diamonds, Team Clubs and Team Jokers. There were no specifications as senior and junior generations, known and unknown faces. All members represented the same family. Nothing else mattered. Air was warm and friendly. We laughed and chatted, played and cheered, even cheated together as one ( well… cheating together seemed to be the most enthusiastic act of the day which pulled us even closer).

Even though our get to-gather lasted for only few hours, that few hours were priceless. It refreshed and strengthened our bonds within FOS media family. We experienced the beauty within diversity. The happy moments we spent are turned to memories.  Those memories refocused our vision; ,differences among each other doesn’t matter. What is more important is to stand as one and to achieve as one.


Image credits : https://web.facebook.com/fosmedia