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Not many things live up to 100 years. You and I together can count that handful of things which does. Even if it lives up to 100 years, only a few things will bloom beautifully with a good deal of memories and excellence planted in the hearts of many people. The Faculty of Science, University of Colombo is such a treasure celebrating its 100th year of excellence on 21st January 2021. In its journey of 100 years, the seeds it had planted have become massive forces all across the island as well as the world, opening many doors for the amelioration of science. Looking back at the time, the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo had been a treasure for the country, and it is indisputable.

We, FOS Media, as the official media unit of the Faculty of Science are also glad to add our good wishes on this great milestone of the faculty and are honored to work for the excellence of the faculty as always. Celebrating the 100th year of excellence, FOS media proudly presents FOS TV the official tv channel for the faculty. After launching its first-ever radio channel a few years back, “UOC Rhythm”, FOS Media decided to take another outstanding leap to launch its first-ever TV channel, “FOS TV” on the 21st of January 2021, with the 100th-anniversary celebration of the faculty. Bringing this exciting experience to you, FOS media is all furnished with an amazing line of programs.

Marking the 100th-anniversary, “Siyawasaka Abhiman” an interview with the Vice-Chancellor Senior Professor Chandrika N. Wijeyaratne will be aired as the first program of the lineage. History of the university and the Faculty of Science, present-day functioning of academic activities, and the challenges faced by the university community will be discussed in this interview. When we look back it’s hard to believe how far the university has come and the heights it has reached are joyous to recall. “Footprints Over Ten Decades” is the story of the University of Colombo. You will get to see and hear the stories of the journey of the university through all these years. The memories of many senior lecturers will add essence to this program.

As the FOS TV launches for the centenary celebration, “Home of the Champions” will be the next program of the lineage. If you are an alumnus of the faculty or the university, or if you are in any way connected with the university, we know that there is no doubt how much influence, sports have on the university. Sports and games have become such an important part of the university through all these years. “Home of the Champions” will present you with all the sports and their influence on the university, memories from past sports events, and also the present stance of the university in the context of sports.

For a student at the University Of Colombo, academia is not the only thing that matters. Therefore next in the program line will be “Beyond The Curriculum”, a series of interview sessions featuring all the notable clubs and societies functioning within the Faculty of Science. This will include all the academic-related as well as other important clubs operating in the faculty. The history of the faculty is full of valuable activities and huge community programs lead by these clubs and societies. They have painted this wonderful picture of university and faculty history with colors.

“Road to Excellence” will be another exciting program to pay our gratitude to all the outstanding scholars of the university and we will be interviewing some of the proud products of the university including Senior Professor Upul Sonnadara, Professor Sarath Kotagama, Senior Professor Nalin De. Silva, Professor Chandrika Nanayakkara, and Professor A. P. de Silva. Research is the output of faculty with tremendous value. In this program, we will be talking about the contribution of the Faculty of Science to the field of research.

Next on-line is “Heart to Brain”, a motivational program for the school and the university community of the country. School children will be the next generation university student community. Therefore it is a timely move to address school children as well as the university community from a university platform. Therefore proper guidance for future generations towards a fruitful future is the aim of this program.

‘Failure doesn’t mean the game is over, it means try again with experience’. Computer games or e-sport is one of the most famous topics in the world as well as in the country. Its technologies and advancements are huge. It is truly amazing, how advance this technology is from the perspective of the world. “Gameranx” is the program where we will be talking about the latest trends and background of e-sports in Sri Lanka.

Next in the line is the “Pathfinder”, a program based on post-graduate studies to provide undergraduates with great knowledge about post-graduate life. If you have ever been an undergraduate pursuing higher education, I am pretty sure you have faced 999 plus 1 questions and doubts on the matter. In this discussion, two reputed personalities Mr. Fadil Iqbal and Mr. Mudith Ekanayake will join us, to speak and navigate the students through the process of higher education and we will be discussing the nitty-gritty of post-graduate studies during this program.

“FOS Gear” is another fascinating program full of everything you want to know about military gear. It’s a successful attempt by FOS media in exploring all extraordinary military vehicles, armor, and latest innovations of the Sri Lankan Army, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Next in line, “Sahithyawalokanaya” is a literature-based discussion on one of the masterpieces of Sinhala literature, “Sudosudu”.

“FOSMOS” is a documentary program. Through this, Stellarium software usage and taking observations with this software will be introduced. The later part of the program will be joined by Professor Chandana Jayaratne for an in-depth science talk followed by another exciting session about Space exploration. Next in the lineage is a friendly discussion with Visakesa Chandrasekaram about his very own film Paangshu. It is a film in the year 2020 directed by Visakesa Chandrasekaram and co-produced by Havelock Arts studios and TVT, with an outstanding performance by renowned and talented actress Nita Fernando. This will indeed be a refreshing experience for all the viewers of FOS TV.

University life with so much hard work was endurable owing to the amazing festivals and functions of the faculty. “Memories” is another program to cherish those functions. This program will bring you a documentary on all the annual functions and events within the faculty. This is a production of FOS TV itself and students will be expressing and talking about their experiences in this program. Music is the mode of healing for many of us in this generation. Music is like a magical portion to raise our moods or to bring us to magical worlds. Thus FOS TV presents you “Sarasavi Sara” a back-to-back music program. The greatest hits from Naadanu, Maathra, and Sathsara will be played in this program. To recall all the memories of musicals held in the faculty and life in university during past years “Miyuru Mathaka” will also be presented for the viewers.

Next, we will bring you the “FOS TV end show”, and followed by some interesting clips from media clubs based in different universities of the country. Then, the FOS media will be talking with Dr. Hiran Jayaweera and Mr. Gayan Akmeemana. This is about the journey of FOS media in the faculty through all these years. The last program in the line will be a news broadcasting of FOS TV the “FOS News” and that will bring to the end of the program lineage of the FOS TV.

With all these exciting programs FOS media is extremely glad to add good wishes to the centenary celebration of the University and Faculty. In this giant university community, FOS media has always brought you brand-new experiences and FOS TV is such an experience with much more fresh initiations to come. Coloring the university sky in the most beautiful colors, we hope we will be able to grow into greater things in the next 100 years to come. Thank You for all your support through all these years. Stay tuned with FOS Media.

  • Written By: Uresha Rodrigo
  • Image Credits: FOS Media
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