Le sixième èpisode (The Sixth episode)



Nombre Cardinaux (Cardinal Numbers or Counting numbers)
Hi, my dear friends, Today I am going to talk about the most important topic of any language which is cardinal numbers or simply counting numbers.
Let’s look following that how it is counting up.

Zèro- Zero
Un -one
deux- Two
Trois – Three
Quatre – four
Cinq – Five
Six – Six
Sept – Seven
Huit – Eight
Neuf – Nine
Dix – Ten
Onze – Eleven
Douze – Twelve
Treize – Thirteen
Quatorze- Fourteen
Quinze – Fifteen
Seize – Sixteen
Dix et sept- Seventeen
Dix et huit – eighteen
dix et neuf- Nineten
Vingt – Twenty

Did you observe some difference of the cardinality from seventeen which is really logical and mathematical as it is said dix et sept for seventeen. You know that according to the facts that I have mentioned above that dix means ten and sept means seven, therefore dix et sept means ten and seven which gives the answer as seventeen. This methodology is iteratively and recursively used from twenty and so on such as following

Vingt et un- Twenty one
Vingt et deux- Twenty two
Vingt et trois- Twenty three
Vingt et quatre- Twenty four
Vingt et cinq – Twenty five
Vingt et six – Twenty six
Vingt et sept- Twenty seven
Vingt et huit- Twenty eight
Vingt et neuf- Twenty nine

Trente- Thirty

After thirty, other corresponding numbers up to thirty nine are said as above scenario.

Then Forty- Quarante
Fifty- Cinquante
Sixty- Soixante
but seventy is not said as septente. It is said as soixante et dix which is also a similar arithmetic as sixty and ten which produces seventy. Then, from seventy we use the following structure.

Soixante et dix et un- Seventy one
Soixante et dix et deux- Seventy two
Soixante et dix et trois- Seventy three
Like wise, we have to count up to Seventy nine. When you come to eighty then again you may be amazed how to tell eighty.

Quatre et vingt- Eighty.
How did I say it? You know now Quatre means four and Vingt means Twenty, then Four and Twenty means four time twenty produces eighty. This may be headache and nostalgic for those who hate and scourge maths that reveals the logic of French language.
From eighty to eighty nine can be expressed as below.
Quatre et vingt et un- Eighty one
Quatre et vingt et deux- Eighty two
Quatre et vingt et Trois- Eighty Three

Like wise you can continue it up. When you come to ninety which is expressed as following

quatre et vingt et dix- Ninety
Now, I think that you can understand the logic behind this counting method.
Quatre et vingt et onze- Ninety one

Like that you can count up to ninety nine. When you come to Hundred which is said as Cent(Son as pronunciation)
Cent et un – Hundred and one
Cent et deux- Hundred and two
Like wise you can count up so on which obeys the rule and methodology of the above mentioned counting pattern.

Two Hundred, Three Hundred and so on these numbers are said as Deux cent, trois cent etc.

Thousand- Mille.
Ten thousand- Dix mille
Hundred and thousand- Cent mille
From this episode I believe that you may have learnt how to count the numbers in French. It may be little bit hard as it is not like in English. Try to learn these thing. Best of luck.

Composed by Amila Perera
Composé par Amila Perera.