Freshers’ Football: The Beautiful Game


With the dawn of 9th of April, 2019 began the day of the beautiful game. The scoreboard of the freshers’ meet had been changed by many marvelous events. Many victory seeking players filled the university ground. Likewise, the day of football came with new hope and joy.

The football teams of the 8 faculties arrived at the university ground with one expectation. To bring the mighty championship of the Football Competition to their home. The tournament started at around 10.00 a.m. The 12 teams from 8 faculties were divided to 4 divisions. 3 teams belonged to each division.

After one match between two teams of same division, the remaining team of that division, played with the winning team. After many of tough and energetic matches the following teams got through to the semi-finals.

  • Faculty of Medicine (Team B) Vs University of Colombo School of Computing
  • Faculty of Medicine (Team A) Vs Faculty of Management and Finance

After some very competitive semifinal matches; Faculty of Medicine Team A and University of Colombo School of Computing Team A were able to step forward along their winning paths by qualifying for finals. Therefore, Faculty of Medicine Team B and Faculty of Management and Finance, team A competed for 3rd place. Anyhow, Faculty of Management and Finance grabbed their victory gaining 3rd place.

The finals were absolutely competitive than all previous games. Both, Team A of Faculty of Medicine and University of Colombo School of Computing couldn’t get any goals in both halves of the game. Thus, both teams were given penalty strokes. Both teams succeeded in scoring the first 2 penalties. Eventually, UCSC scored the decisive penalty, ensuring the winners’ title.

To summarize the day of Football Tournament,
  • Champions – UCSC
  • 1st Runner’s Up – Faculty of Medicine (Team A)
  • 2nd Runner’s Up – Faculty of Finance and Management (Team A)

Thus, the day of beautiful game ended up with many unforgettable memories, joy, and lessons of both win and lose. It reminded everyone of the phrase that “It’s not whether you get knocked down, It’s whether you get back up”.

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