The day we got the Morale to go Forward


Championship of the Freshers has become more and more competitive and moral increased over the past years. This pattern seems to be continuing this year too. Few years back, another pattern started to appear. That is, Faculty of Science brought the Championship of Freshers’ Tournament to their home. In this year also they are planning to do their best and keep the championship at home as defending Champions, for the 4th time.

The Table Tennis Tournament of the Inter Faculty Freshers’ Championship was held on the 1st of April 2019, at University of Colombo Gymnasium. Teams representing all the faculties of the University of Colombo participated for this tournament. Everyone played well and gave a good competition for others. From those teams, teams with most talent and a good moral support to help them, were able to secure places in Table Tennis Tournament.



  • Championship  –  Faculty of Arts
  • 1st runner up  –  Faculty of Science Team A
  • 2nd runner up –  Faculty of Medicine


  • Championship  – Faculty of Science Team A
  • 1st runner up  –  UCSC Team A
  • 2nd runner up –  Faculty of Arts


  • Championship  – Faculty of Science
  • 1st runner up  –  Faculty of Arts
  • 2nd runner up –  UCSC

Students of the Faculty of Science were able to claim overall championship in Table Tennis Tournament in Inter Faculty Freshers’ Championship 2019. The past few days of the Tournaments taught us all a good lesson. That is talent isn’t the only thing matters for the victory. Players need a good cheering and support too. Also a bit of luck to smooth the edges.  After getting the championship of Table Tennis, Faculty of Science got their morals hundred folds up, to continue their legacy by playing and cheering too. We, FOS Media congratulate all the winners and also wish best of luck for Freshers in coming tournaments.

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