Friend Of Mine


A mysterious indecipherable world is our heart

It’s so fascinating even in the disastrous moments

It’s a soft impression that tender peaceful moments

Even in mourning with swollen eyes


Keep shining with your dazzling smile

For all to feel your empathy that gleams around you

But I know that sometimes…

The most beautiful smiles can hide big sorrows


As long as we live in the rhythm of life

There’s a lesson that taught since you hope that

What people need is not a brilliant mind that to escape

But an honest buddy to share all incomplete notes


In life you have to leave traces not scars

Be grateful and celebrate your life

Bring all your cares and worries to me because,

Heartbeats are not heard, But felt and shared


Everything is meant to be a beautiful memory

Often, we underestimate the smallest acts of caring

So, take your feather and scream your thought

Go ahead because the world needs you


Written by: Muditha Rathnayaka


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