Something juicy and tasty

To start a fresh day

Something rigid and dry

To munch when bored as hell


Its wall named as pericarp

Can be divided into trinity

Interior, middle, exterior parts

As endocarp, mesocarp, exocarp respectively


Simple, aggregate and multiple

Is one classification

Depending on the number

Of ovaries and flowers


Fleshy and dry is another classification

Fleshy divided into berry, pepo

Drupe and pome

Dry divided as dehiscent and indehiscent


These belong to various families

Some are sweet some are sour

Found in green, yellow and orange colour

Have a rind and belong to family Rutaceae


Commonly called mangoes

Found in many varieties

Rata amba, Mee amba, Willard

And Karutha Kolamban most importantly


Apple, pear, peach and plum

Along with many members

Belong to family Rosaceae

Eating one of these will keep away from illness


Chestnuts, hazelnuts

Are considered as nuts botanically

Brazil nuts, walnuts, cashew nuts

Are not considered as nuts botanically


Eaten as a dessert mostly

These are very sweet indeed

Also used to make confectionery

Should eat in a certain limit indeed


When considering cosmetics

They play a major role

Shampoos, soaps, face washes

Are flavoured with extracts of these


Jam, juice and chutney

Cannot be neglected at all

Always cool the tummy

No doubt about it at all


Sweet as honey

Sour as vinegar

All these edible resources

Are fruits indeed



Knowledge taken from Dr. Jinendra Dissanayake’s lecture notes (Plant Resources)

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