Give Up!


When you hear these words, “Give Up”, you undoubtedly begin to think of negativity. Since our childhood, we have been practiced not to give up but hold onto it somehow. It may be your studies, sports, or any other thing you encounter in life. However, we should accept that in some situations we face in our life, holding onto them becomes extremely difficult and it almost kills us. Therefore, the solution for some problems lies within Giving Up!

Some can interpret this as a sign of timidity and fearfulness but when we experience toxicity in our life, we should get away from it as much as possible before it poisons us. Toxicity may come in various forms and one of the very common ways it reaches us is a toxic relationship. When you care about a person in numerous ways but that person never gives a single bit of attention to you or when you try to reach someone who is unachievable in your life, toxicity and misery begin to overpower us.

Then, eventually, we feel worthless, helpless and we begin to hate our life. That is where this toxic personality inside us which had been hidden throughout life, comes out. This personality can destroy your character, fame, and all the good impressions you have given out to the world. Once we reach this stage, we need to make a hard decision that whether we are going to cling to the toxicity further until it finishes us or to give up.

Giving up in such a critical situation can bring you many advantages. First of all, it reduces your pain. Imagine that you are holding a knife tightly even though it cuts your hand badly until you bleed to death. Here, if you stop holding the knife and keep it aside, bleeding would be diminished, and eventually, with medication, you would recover. Nevertheless, if you do hold into it continuously, there would be no space for medication and you may kill yourself due to your own negligence. Alike, when you encounter a toxic event in your life like an unachievable romance, you should give up. At first, it would be really hard to forget that there would be grievances in your mind but with time you begin to heal. Enduring a small pain and letting it go is much easier and safer than reaching the level of unbearable pain and sorrow because it is unachievable.

Also, it saves your time. Before, when you are clinging to the toxicity, you had to spend the majority of your time thinking about ways to work it out. However, once you give it up, you can save the time you wasted on toxicity to engage in something useful, maybe your studies or another mind relaxing hobby.

Most importantly, giving up on toxicity helps you to discover yourself. You may think about your life in an innovative manner and as a result, you begin to see the unseen depths of your personality and the potential. This may take your life into a whole new different path that you have never imagined and who knows where you will stop? You become unstoppable where ultimately you may have reached the place which suits you and deserves you.

Of course, there would be a pain once you are trying to get out of toxicity because it is similar to be vaccinated to cure a disease. Here, you initially feel the pain and even you might cry out but once you are done with vaccinating, you are pretty sure that you would not be contacted with that specific disease. The pain induced in this giving-up process can be nicely converted into creativity without being miserable. You can compose poetry, prose or even you can share your experience with your closest circle so it releases your pain. However, be careful about the crowd you are sharing your thoughts with because if those ideas are received by a “wrong person” who tries to make fun out of your misery, it would be disastrous.

As it says that every dark cloud has a silver lining, giving up can bring better things to your life. For instance, if you let go of the person that never pays attention to you, there is a very good probability that you will encounter someone who really cares for you because once you stop wasting your energy and time which was given to the unwanted, you get more opportunity to focus on people that really matter to you and care about you.

It is an eternal truth that at least once in all our lives, we have been poisoned with these toxic relationships and thoughts which caused us to set back ourselves even for a little while. You may have felt that there is no way to come out of the darkness but knowingly or unknowingly, you might have given up which made you see the light which you experience today. If you are experiencing toxicity at the moment, do not wait any longer but get out of it immediately before it takes away your spotlight. You are worthy and valuable to many people out there who really care about you. Find those people and find where your destiny leads you to. Remember that sometimes in your life, it is alright to “Give Up!

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