Happy Children’s day !


Look around, now look closer, re-call your past memories…feel the difference of being who you are. Life will show you a gallery of moments where you laugh, scream and cry. Looking back, from the very first day we saw the world through our eyes, we are trying to find our own happiness.

If someone asks you, who has a smile without any jealous or hatred we can answer without any hesitation, a child has the prettiest and the most innocent smile in the world. That’s why we give a value to this happiness on the 1st of October to celebrate Children’s Day.

Did you know?

The main Children’s Day that is celebrated all over the world is specifically held on the 20th of November, which is known as the Universal Children’s Day.

Notion of celebrating a day for children is not just to make them happy but also to support them to manage a healthy life without exploitation and abuse. Most significantly to enrich them with proper education.

There’s also another fact that we all need to be focused on. It’s not fair to give our attention only for children who are playing around us. Children who are falling behind in society also need to be supported with love and affection. So, be a witness to make one happy with a simple action of yours.

A very happy Children’s Day to all the happy faces out there who are to be the future of our world.


Image courtesy : Indumina Jayathilaka



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