Heaven in the earth


“A good family is a University”- is a saying. Likewise, if we want to make this world a better place we should start our journey from the family. Let us focus on them.

The deep attachment between family members is essential to the family bonds. It arises out of living together in harmony with love, affection, caring and sharing. If we maintain this manner in a better way we’ll get happiness, good fortune and success.

If we get these in a proper way, we can expand those habits to School. There, each and everyone has a chance for education, punctuality, neatness, responsibility and other good behaviours as well.

As a result good students become Prefects, Monitors or the Games Captain at the School. So, Schools play a major role in expanding these good habits to the community by providing well-educated and well-talented personalities.

What is meant by ‘Community?’ Community is the surrounding of a particular area. The people living in those places play a most important role in order to make that place better than the other ones.

So, these people should live together by respecting each other’s feelings, when they face difficulties by saying good things to others and so on. If we maintain these habits, we’ll build harmony and unity. Hence,we can be free from problems and bothers of our neighbours.

If it expands to the society, all the community people can live peacefully and independently and enjoy healthy and wealthy life. We can gain these advantages by doing Shramadana, by organizing games among children, by respecting other’s culture and celebrating their festivals together and listening to the inspiring speeches by well-educated people.

If this family-school-community and society order follows neatly, it’s very easy for us to make this country and the world better places together. Especially, we can make a good relationship between any two countries by conducting Olympic games, Asian Pacific games and going on visits to other countries etc.

At the bottom line, “Union is strength”- Therefore, all of us should think about a better world and work together in order to find heaven in the earth as far as possible…!

Image credits : https://goo.gl/cR258D