It was just an awkward ‘hello’,

A familiar figure,

Unfamiliar soul…

Sudden thousands of flashbacks

flooded into the mind…


We were just two kids

Singing to sweet melodies

Dancing to clumsy steps

On the bouncy concert flow…


We were just two kids

Who had endless fights in the classroom

Who shared every laugh and tear

In the dawn of our lives…


Cheers to all those fights

To all those laughs

That made us brave

That made us humble

That made us, ‘us’…


It’s noon…

Walking under the burning sun of life…

Responsibilities waiting for us

Duties looking for us

With a heartful ‘goodbye’

Made the promise of meeting soon…


P.s.:- No matter how many people we meet in our lives, school friends always leave the most precious memories. Imagine meeting a childhood friend for the first time after 10 years…

How would you feel?

How many things would have changed?


Written By: Navodhya Laksarani


Image courtesy: https://bit.ly/3o3g1Gp


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