It was an early Saturday morning
Overcast weather, cold and boring
Carrying an umbrella in case of a pouring
Suddenly my tracks came to a halt

A mother and child, an infant really
laying there on a side pavement, stony
hugging each other to be more cosy
A chill, not by the weather, caught me

The mother was dozing, but the child was awake
looking at the world around him, puzzled and dazed
like a helpless mouse dropped in to a maze
only without cheese to satisfy it’s ache

Is the child doomed to be lost forever?
with no hope to rise from society’s sewer
How can they dream of a better future?
with no help from the people who matter

To be born a human is a blessing I’ve heard
But to live a life like this, helpless and cursed
Having enough Karma to be born a human
Not enough Karma to be a human

As I fished for some change in my pockets
I thought to myself, ‘no just for the damned’
Placing a coin on the mat beside him, I realized
As helpless as he is, helpless I am.