Hey wait…I mean..


Hey wait a minute..

Stay silent..

Do not utter a word.. I mean it’s a dream … a dream I have always wanted to come true.

Can you see? I am sitting.. Sitting just above such a lot of scenery.

I mean they aren’t just sceneries, beyond which I smell a lot of activity; biological, physical, chemical and probably I mean spiritual.

But, I mean I am above everything.Sitting here just feeling the warmth amidst the jackets you wanted me to wear on.

Dear, The only organism my eyes could see at the moment… Can you listen to myself more of this blabbering?

You know I am living this moment,knowing it could never come back.

All the way we walked in and above was really tiring, still the moment I sit here, I feel that I am born here at this moment;having no humanoidal pressure… A free soul.

My dream was not to climb to this place  all around,but just to free my soul out of the ropes around my soul,you know I mean..

Can you see that tiny village and people running here and there? I could sense .. You know.. I mean..

*water sprayed*

“Wake up from your useless day dreams out of this window on to that tree.

Go do the dishes” A human said.

A dream that has always been keeping me awake!

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