Holding your hand


The day, I remember
When our eyes met each other
Yours to mine, mine to yours
Love found words just to tell me
How much I mean to you
Holding my hand

I, much exited,
Held your hands tight
No words came out, but
Whispered into your ear, “yes”
Since the day I found
The glow of sincerity
Lighting like twinkling stars
Peeping into your eyes,
I am walking along
The path of life
Holding your hand

When you triumphed
And became a reason
To be proud of,
All the glory will be yours
With all the celebrations
I will be there
Holding your hand

The moment you are burning,
When the tears express grief,
All the pain you bear
Will simply be shared with me
Be your consolation, I will
Make you strong, I will
Holding your hand

Misunderstood, you may be
The entire world may wrongly do
Accusations may fall on you
Though no one seem to believe,
My belief on you will never leave
Being the strength, I will be there
Holding your hand

No matter life brings tears
As well as laughter
Glory and disgrace the same
Through thick and through thin
Though it is success or failure
I am there to share
Every storm and tranquility
Holding your hand